Clubhouse Reservations Calendar

Please read the following items before filling out the request to reserve the clubhouse

  1. Child and teenage parties are prohibited.
  2. The renting resident will have exclusive use of the party room and theater room. The resident and guest may not have exclusive use of the pool, and the guests are not permitted to use the exercise equipment.
  4. The renting resident is responsible for all cleanup and trash removal. Cleanup must be done (completely) the day of the party.
  5. Any costs for damages to the Clubhouse or equipment, and any follow-up cleaning done by the Association will be the responsibility of the renting resident and charged to the homeowners account.
  6. Renting resident only should handle the theater equipment.
  7. No food or drink should be left in the fridge.
  8. Empty all trash (including bathrooms) and put in the dumpster outside.
  9. Just a reminder that there are no weddings or receptions at the clubhouse, except if it is a resident.  Please do not rent the clubhouse for extended family or friends for these occasions.
  10. If you are reserving a time that is set apart for game time you will need to contact Desert Edge, a board member, or the game committee so they can change their time to meet. 
Please follow the posted signs for cleanup and closing the clubhouse
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Reservation Instructions:
  • To create a new reservation request, please click on the New Reservation button.
  • When the form is open, please complete the details.
  • To Change or Cancel a reservation, please select the reservation from either the "My Reservations List" or by clicking on the appointment subject line in the calendar
  • You cannot make or edit a reservation in the past. You can only edit your own reservations.